The wildlife-rich wetlands of Romney Marsh in Kent could become a radioactive dumping ground for Britain

Sounds a bit weird. Don\’t you want some nice rocky area, not a low laying marsh?

Some nice already radioactive chunk of granite perhaps? Some Cornish or Aberdonian mountain?

9 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Perhaps a more important consideration than the surface conditions would be how geologically stable the underlying bedrock is.

  2. Dump it under Cambourne. The holes to drop it into already exist, and if it really does turn the locals into horrifying mutants, like the enviro-nuts always claim, nobody will notice.

  3. Two train-loads per week? Ahh, that’ll be low-grade waste. Radiation suits, tools, brushes, wet-wipes, anything which might have come into contact with radioactive materials. Mostly from hospitals. It’s not actual nuclear fission product.

  4. @SE
    True but none in Aberdeen itself, so the ones in Aberdeenshire aren’t Aberdonian. So my pedantry stands 🙂

  5. I find it a bit strange that they call it “dumping”. At least with proper nuclear material, used fuel, you don’t dump it, you seal it for permanent storage. First of all, you cannot spill it around because of radioactivity and toxicity. Moreover, I expect in less than a few hundred years, possibly in just decades, someone will discover a useful way to utilize it, so it will need to be recovered.

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