Geography and Ms. Gordon

But here I am, poised at the gangway of a 36,000 ton, 642?ft ship that has docked in Lisbon.
By the time we have docked at Cádiz, I am beginning to think that, while you don’t have to be obsessive to go on a cruise, it certainly helps.
And as I gaze out at the Med while taking afternoon tea,

You\’re in the Atlantic love.

Every bit of my body tells me not to go on a cruise. The Costa Concordia. The Costa Allegra. Do I even need to write the word Titanic? The 350 passengers who caught the norovirus two years ago aboard a Caribbean cruise liner. The people who have just logged a complaint with Thomson over the ship they claimed gave them gastroenteritis; the one with a swimming pool that allegedly contained human faeces and food that was undercooked. And I am 31. Thirty-one-year-olds do not go on cruises. In my mind, 61-year-olds do not go on cruises.

Thus the cruise line giving a 31 year old journo a freebie if only she\’ll write about it.

8 thoughts on “Geography and Ms. Gordon”

  1. Not getting their moneysworth if turds in somebody else’s pool is all she can write about.

  2. She’s 31? The lardbucket in the photo? Good grief, being a Telegraph columnists isn’t kind is it? Presumably the column header thumbnail is …er…historic, shall we say?

  3. There’s a reasonable chance Cadiz wasn’t the last stop on the cruise. Next April the company is offering Lisbon to Monte Carlo on the same ship.

  4. Methinks you do the lady a disservice. She reports looking out on the Med on the THIRD day of the cruise, perfectly realistic with a departure fr0m Lisbon. I suggest you amend the post, there are, after all, a lot of other criticisms to be made about this fairly obvious puff piece posing as journalism

  5. The undercooked food complaint must definitely be someone of 61 or over. Of the generation that believes meat and fish must be cremated through to be eaten safely when they were little this was actually true.

  6. @bloke in Spain

    Somebody just posted underneath the well upholstered lady’s article:

    “I bet they’d have upgraded you to a suite if you’d have agreed to act as a reserve anchor.”

    Made me lol.


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