Getting the message across on Europe Day

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Why the euro was a stupid idea


The euro is doomed, because it was a stupid and unworkable idea in the first place, says Tim Worstall.


5 thoughts on “Getting the message across on Europe Day”

  1. What about taking all that government spending in each individual country that’s there to make up for the fact that no country is an OCA and using that to make the euro closer to an OCA?

    1) Would it be enough?
    2) Would it work?

  2. Why are French roads lined with trees?

    Because the Germans like marching in the shade.

    Ba-dm! Thank you and good night.

  3. why are the roads in Andalusia so great…because Felipe Gonzalez came from Andalusia and pushed all the Euro funding there. Rather like Prescott diverting Euro funds to Hull in the, hopefully, unimaginable context of being in a postion to do such a thing.

  4. Frances Coppola

    Tim, I congratulate you. On managing to make 1000 words (or thereabouts) out of the bleedin’ obvious.

  5. diogenes

    Not just the roads. The first AVE (high speed train) was from Madrid to Seville 20 years ago. Now there’s one to Málaga, too. If he’d used the money to encourage some industry there it would have been a better idea, but it doesn’t make for such good photos.

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