Glasgow didn\’t invent deep fried pizza

A third of Di Matteo\’s business is folded and fried pizzas – typically stuffed with ricotta, provola cheese and cicoli, a local type of pancetta. For Neapolitans, he said, it is even more of a tradition than the margherita. \”Fried pizza was bigger than oven-baked pizza in Naples until the 1950s. It needs good oil and a pizzaiolo who can tell the oil\’s temperature just by looking at it – it\’s such a hard technique that it hasn\’t caught on outside Naples,\” he said.

They might have invented the dipping it in batter first though…..

3 thoughts on “Glasgow didn\’t invent deep fried pizza”

  1. In the Tox-Dadger, even more than other papers, any writing of merit is in the back pages – cricket, finance etc.

  2. a colleague of mine went back to his roots in Glasgow and ended up with some schoolfriends, drunk, in a chipper. Searching the menu for something that wouldn’t make his arteries slam shut instantly he saw “fresh cooked pizza slice” and decided to order it. You guessed it – straight out of the freezer, dipped in batter and into the fryer

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