How does Bill Mckibben actually work?

Do not expect representatives from Saturday\’s Connect the Dots day to show up on Sunday\’s talk shows. Over the last three years, those inside-the-Beltway extravaganzas have devoted 98 minutes total to the planet\’s biggest challenge. Last year, in fact, all the Sunday talk shows spent exactly nine minutes of Sunday talking time on climate change – and here is a shock: all of it was given over to Republican politicians in the great denial sweepstakes.

So, here\’s a prediction: next Sunday, no matter how big and beautiful the demonstrations may be that we\’re mounting across the world, \”Face the Nation\” and \”Meet the Press\” won\’t be connecting the dots. They will be gassing along about Newt Gingrich\’s retirement from the presidential race or Mitt Romney\’s coming nomination, and many of the commercials will come from oil companies lying about their environmental efforts.

The Sunday inside the Beltway politics shows won\’t be talking bout climate change.

They won\’t be talking about Nascar, the NFL, the London Mayoral elections nor the location of the G-Spot either.

They\’ll be talking about inside the Beltway politics because that\’s what they are, inside the Beltway politics shows.

How does Bill Mckibben actually work?

Perhaps more importantly, does he actually believe this shit or is it just a good gig?

4 thoughts on “How does Bill Mckibben actually work?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Nine minutes on any given Sunday seems about right to me. Not sure what he is complaining about. Even if Man-made Global Warming is happening, and we have no evidence it is, it is not even the most important environmental issue at the moment, much less an important issue generally.

  2. …and many of the commercials will come from oil companies lying about their environmental efforts.

    Ooh, don’t be shy Bill! Name these companies, go on!

    What are you afraid of?

  3. @ Tim Newman:
    Probably the fact that big oil has, over the years, contributed many Millions of Dollars to the Green campaign as blood money.
    BP were big investors in Warmism, but even they have given up on solar panels when they closed their Indian and Chinese factories in 2011.

  4. Nick,

    For sure, oil companies have paid off their environmental critics, but nobody should have any problem naming them. I think where he is on shaky ground is in claiming they are subsequently lying about their efforts. I question the wisdom of some of the green initiatives of major oil companies, but I’d not go as far as to say the aims are not genuinely persued. And some of the environmental targets – like reduction in flaring – are rigorously persued, and actually gets considered in design calculations.

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