How to write an Oxfam report

Gender equity, income inequality, state control, bastard banks, more power to the UN.

Mix and match the various phrases as many times as necessary to produce the required number of paragraphs.

Do not, whatever you do, ponder on the charitable status of an organisation publishing a call for the imposition of global social democracy.

Because of course we\’re not talking politics here at all, are we?

5 thoughts on “How to write an Oxfam report”

  1. As I discovered back in 2009, the Australian Executive Director of Oxfam was earning $185,130 – enough to put him in the top 1% of income earners.

    “income inequality” – hahahahahaha. What a bunch of pricks.

  2. nice to see some redistribution through higher wages though. GB payroll cost (57% of the total) grew by a healthy 11.5% in 2010/11 accounts (a nice 22% increase in the charge for the cushy defined benefit scheme as well) headcount only up 3%, so that’s nice. Chief exec on £107k.

  3. “Examples for Inspiration: In the last decade Brazil,Thailand, Malawi, Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Venezuelaand Bolivia have all reduced inequality”

    Venezuela? VENEZUELA?? FFS!!!!

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