In which I agree with Brad Delong

We Are Resurrecting the Stupidest Man Alive Award for a Special Presentation

Peter Mandelson: Britain should still consider joining the euro

Words fail…

8 thoughts on “In which I agree with Brad Delong”

  1. I cannot believe it.

    This is the devil incarnate speaking. Think the opposite?

    Ot is he a total to**er?

  2. Is Mandy obliged to be positive about all things European on pain of losing his pension?

  3. @Gareth, Yes.

    Though like the phrase goes, “It’s better to keep quiet than show yourself to be the fool everyone thinks you are”, he doesn’t need to be positive about the EU, just keep his mouth shut.

  4. But isn’t Peter Mandelson contractally obliged to support the EU’s “project”? If he doesn’t they might take away his nice fat pension.

  5. Mock ye not, and never underestimate Mandelbum.

    Even when he says something risibly stupid, he’s up to something, and he will know exactly what he’s up to and why.

    If his words or actions seem daft, you simply haven’t spotted the plot yet.

    He is as fly as a barrel-full of monkeys, but he is not silly.

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