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New not think tank launches

So, various unions are stumping up the money for a not think tank called CLASS. The National Advisory Board consists of:

We\’re not likely to get all that much coherent from them, are we?

I mean seriously: Murphmeister, Will Hutton, Sunny, Polly, Seumas and Anne Pettifor? The entire range from those who believe in the magic money tree to the woman who claims to have found it.


38 thoughts on “New not think tank launches”

  1. Is this the editorial panel for the Illustrated Koran due out next year?

    Just hoping………

  2. Over to Obi-Wan Kenobi for a comment:

    “You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”

  3. I was surprised to see Kevin Maguire’s name on the list, isn’t he alright? Maybe he’s the token representative of sense.

  4. Wonder what the net worth of this little lot is? Compared to a random selection of the population.

    They will have:
    More money.
    Bigger/more houses.
    More/better cars.
    Take more holidays.
    Fly more.
    Have a larger carbon footprint.
    Have more savings/investments/pensions.
    Have more ‘status’ i.e. “Oooh! You’re Polly Toynbee aren’t you? I love your columns sticking it to fat cats.”

  5. @bilbaoboy

    It’s not a fly on the wall we need there, it’s a large nail bomb under the table.

  6. That’s not a not-think-tank. that’s an Emote Tank, full of people with the minds of a Dove and the hearts of a Serpent.

  7. If we all start using hot air for energy purposes, they could generate quite a lot and make themselves useful for once.

  8. Well isn’t that a lovely little lefty circle-jerk? Shouldn’t be too hard to demolish all of their intellectually-bankrupt nonsense….

  9. Aah, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with our right-wing wankery must be thick” mantra then? The very thing Murphy is often lambasted for on this very site.
    You must all be very worried, though of course I don’t expect any of you to admit it.

  10. Seth

    There is nothing you have to agree with here. Even Tim admits (generally, eh, Tim?) when he is:

    The problem is many of these people have demonstrated serious form as intellectual lightweights, data ignorers, line pushers and/or economic hypocrites.

    But hey, no problem, we shall read and discuss their output. I suspect nobody is holding their breathe for true depth of analysis.

  11. Aah, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with our right-wing wankery must be thick” mantra then?

    This site regularly applauds thinking lefties such as Chris Dillow. And he’s a self-proclaimed Marxist. It is even (normally) polite about Paul Krugman. Unity generally gets listened to when he pops up and even agreed with. PaulB pops up more often and gets popped at more but, hey, ’tis the intertubes.

    It’s not that it is because it is a list of lefties that we’re agin it. It is because it is a list of lightweights, idiots and ignorami. Some are all three. A new right-wing think tank populated with the likes of the appalling Dorries, the algific Goldsmith, the statist Wollaston and Peter Oborne (his latest? Yuck!) would get equally short shrift from most here.

  12. The usual suspects. They will be referred to by the BBC as “an influential independent think-tank”, while of course being nothing of the kind.

  13. Seth,

    Aah, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with our right-wing wankery must be thick” mantra then? The very thing Murphy is often lambasted for on this very site.

    Apart from the fact that “right-wing” and “left-wing” have no clear definition, Murphy gets lambasted for having stupid ideas, none of which he is prepared to defend when challenged.

  14. Hahaha!

    List looks like less of a think tank and more like participants in a Groaner open day. Seumas frigging Milne? You sure this isn’t a piss take?

  15. “While reducing the deficit is considered ‘very important’ or ‘fairly important’ by 85 per cent of those polled, 95 per cent consider creating jobs and reducing unemployment, and encouraging economic growth as ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ important.”

    Apparently this is evidence for abandoning the former

  16. What does a “think-tank” need money for? (This is a serious question; does it have to have employees, or premises, or something not available to the public at large?)

  17. Relax folks, it’s just a misprint. Should be “CLASP”, as in vipers (the rest of them) and Polly, as in bosom.

    Alan Douglas

  18. pedant2007: Marketing, coordination, stipends, commissions, publishing costs – it’s like a PR agency in a lot of ways except it outsources the actual content.

  19. Odd not to see David Blanchflower on the list.

    After all he is a professional labour market economist and constant critic of “austerity” economics.

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