New Statesman Bans Timmy!

This really is slightly odd. I\’ve actually written for the Staggers.

They even say this:

Tim Worstall (yes, when he\’s not trolling he\’s quite good)

When I try to comment my IP is banned.

We\’ll go with the usual socialists suppressing free speech shall we? Sure, their property, their right to do what they want.

We just get to draw conclusions from what they do, right?

Update. This problem now solved and yes, it was \”lefties don\’t understand technology\” not \”lefties are evil censoring bastards\”.

This time…

16 thoughts on “New Statesman Bans Timmy!”

  1. You have checked with NS to see if there’s a specific ban on your IP address, as opposed to a global ban on your ISP?

    The NS site appears to have little or no effective comment spam protection most of the time, so it could be that you’ve caught up in a hamfisted attempt to solve that problem.

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  4. So Much For Subtlety

    When I try to comment my IP is banned.

    Point of pride. Not a mark of shame. That is why we like you.

    Is it just me or has Arnald gotten slightly more logical and coherent these days? They must have upped his medication.

  5. Whoever’s doing the Arnald Shouty Trot parodies really needs to study comedy writing more. The character works better if the reader can see him as being likeable but misguided rather than just plain obnoxious. Sullivan got it right here:

    And you can already see his later Only Fools & Horses in the making.

  6. It all depends where you are connecting from. If it is the sun-drenched shores of Portugal then they may have just decided to ban non-UK comments.

    That seems fair enough as the New Statesman’s non-UK/ROI sales represent only 6% of its total sales* they may have decided that it is simpler to restrict their comments to UK based ISP using the geo-location capabilities within RIPE.

    As the old joke goes “The worst thing about censorship is [XXXXXXXXXXXXXX]”.


  7. I suspect that you’ve been caught in an IP ban aimed at your ISP. Another subscriber of your ISP has irked them and they’ve attempted to ban them. But because IP addresses are dynamic for the home user you’ve picked up their IP and now are “banned”. This would be especially true if you connect via your mobile when it could be different every time you connect. If you connect to the t’internet via a landline then your IP doesn’t change that often.

    Either wait it out or connect via an open proxy such as can be found here at DMOZ, or use an anonymous proxy such as

  8. Something I’ve noticed when progs whine about “trolling” is that it usually translates to “opinions I don’t like.”

    Honesty is a refreshing trait that reflects well on the person. They should try it.

  9. I used to work for the NS’s parent company, and was friend with the CTO. The type of technology in use (ie poor), and the tech-savviness of NS staff (ie 0), is such that there’s *absolutely no way* this was a deliberate IP block based on content.

    My guess is the techies in India have implemented an overzealous spam blacklist they’ve bought or downloaded from somewhere.

  10. I was talking to a forum moderator a few years back and she said that the main job was to get up early in the morning and delete the drunken bile spewed by the alcoholics who tend to post in the early hours of the morning. Typically between 1 to 2 am.

    I prefer your strategy of just leaving it there as a permanent stain on their character.

  11. On a related note if I try to access your website using my phone on a data conection (Vodafone UK) it sas that it’s adult content & I can’t access it from my phone without altering permissions to prove I am over 18.

  12. Rajesh’s comment should be printed out on a giant stone tablet, and then used to repeatedly smash in the face any and all of the people currently lobbying to extend the opt-out filtering that UK mobile networks use to the rest of the internet.

  13. Kevin Monk

    Now I’m worried. I do a lot of writing in the early hours of the morning, often lubricated by Rioja or brandy…..!

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