Ritchie on Ritchie\’s motivation

His speech to the PCS itself:

So friends, let me tell you something right now in case I forget to do it later. If defending your jobs, and demanding that you be spared from redundancy and if saying that giving jobs back to your colleagues who have been sacked makes me a dangerous man, well then I’m proud to be dangerous. And yes, I’m proud too to have a friend like Mark.
The first was to say the tax gap was no big deal. And let’s be honest, he’s got to say that. How else can he justify sacking 10,000 more PCS members over the next three years unless he can argue the work you’re doing is unimportant?

Nothing at all to do with being funded by the PCS to insist that more unoion members should be employed. Nothing at all….

4 thoughts on “Ritchie on Ritchie\’s motivation”

  1. It’s quite interesting reading the full speech. It’s just a tirade against Tories.

    “Never forget that Tories aren’t like us. We’re in favour of equality and fairness, they’re not” etc.

    Anyone would think the Tories must have been in power back in 2006 when all these tens of thousands of cuts to tax inspectors started.

  2. Exactly.

    The cuts started under the bottle-fed boy. Back in 2006 Brown was so confident that ZaNuLab’s bogus prosperty had the middle-class eternally bamboozled, that he decided he would be tougher on the small-fry tea drinkers than even the Tories, and thus steal their thunder. (This same “tactic” later backfired even more spectacularly in the matter of the 10% tax band– once again an idiotic attempt to invade Tory territory).
    He had already merged the Revenue with Customs,in his mind a brilliant plan, (but which in fact has all but destroyed both in contrast to their previous level of service-they were only adequate at best before but are now bloody awful) and in his fantasy things were going so well he could afford to piss on a few thousand previously Labour voters to give the impression that he was on top of the bureaucrats.

    Serwotka is not very effective in defence of his members interests, much prefering to waste their hard-earned financing leftist mouthpieces like Ritchie.

  3. What does ‘saying that giving jobs back to your colleagues who have been sacked’ mean?

    Candidly, and, friends, literally, I submit that it is gibberish.

  4. But didn’t you know that the Left have decided that Blair and Brown were Tories? So to dyed-in-the-wool Lefties we’ve actually had Tory government since 1979. So of course ALL the cuts to HMRC’s staff are the Tories’ fault.

    Oh, and from Brown supporters (who agree that Blair was a Tory but defend Brown’s red credentials) you get the alternative mantra – “The Tories supported this policy, so it’s their fault really”. Thereby conflating supporting with doing.

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