Ritchie\’s Queen\’s Speech

but candidly, I don’t give a damn if the solution works, and nor should anyone else. That is logic from another era designed to constrain what needs to be done now.

Apparently not even he cares whether his nostrums work or not any more.

12 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s Queen\’s Speech”

  1. It’s always nice when people descend into self-parody. I got an email from DailyKos (American Left-wing blog) which said “Stop the media’s obsession with balance, force them to report the truth.”

  2. every time I think that we have reached the depths of the Murph-meister’s intellect, he continues to surprise me. “Logic from another era”….words fail me yet again when confronted by his extreme stupidity.

  3. I’ve always thought that this Richard Murphy cove was a fiction by Timmy to rival Mrs Dutt Paulker and the go-ahead Bishop of Bevindon, Dr Spacely-Trellis.

    Now here’s the proof!

    Come on Tim, ‘fess up!

  4. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Liberalism…the doctrine that the moral comfort of the believer transcends all other considerations.

  5. Murphy has chosen the wrong words here, but it’s obvious from the context that he means he doesn’t care whether his proposals are self-funding, since he sees current borrowing limits as an arbitrary constraint. And in that respect he’s got a point.

  6. @ PaulB
    Yes, that is a possible interpretation, which could also be interpreted as “I don’t care how much I spend as long as someone else has to pay the bill later”.

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