So did they hang Nick Clegg? What, not even in effigy?

Bleedin\’ \’ell, something wrong with the Mob these days. Have we British entirely lost all gumption?

400 rampaging lunatics descend upon the house of the Deputy Prime Minister. Do they burn it to the ground and plough the ashes with salt as our Roman forbears would have done? Hang the man from the nearest lamp post as our medieval forbears would have done? At least stone the place and make off with the family dog as the Georgian mob would have done?

No, they spread their blankets and unpacked their sandwiches.

Newsflash: that\’s not quite how you overthrow the dictatorial class you know.

8 thoughts on “So did they hang Nick Clegg? What, not even in effigy?”

  1. The same useless lot, along with Occupy are heading off to Sainsbury’s HQ on Monday to protest against low pay:

    Bring your drums, pans, whistles, alarms, horns, speakers, and other noise making devices. The big corporate target will be revealed and we’ll be paying them an intimate visit in this launch party.

    That’ll work then.

  2. How wonderfully polite. How very British. Maybe it’ll wind up like all that shopfront bloackading they did from late 2010/early 2011 and no one will remember in a week.

  3. It seems to have had an unexpected effect. Quite a few people on twitter feeling sorry for Nick Clegg and donating money to the Lib Dems…..

  4. Imagine 400 people on the Right outside, say, Gordon Brown’s door. I wonder how sympathetically would the demonstration be reported?

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