So Hollande really is an idiot socialist

The French president is proposing a EU-wide financial transaction tax (FTT) that could raise up to €57bn a year that could be used to stimulate the 27-nation bloc.

Hasn\’t he, or at least his advisors, actually read the damn proposal itself? You know, the one from the EU?

The one that says that the FTT will reduce future growth in the economy?

We\’re doing stimulus by reducing growth these days?

Do they still have a guillotine in storage over there?

15 thoughts on “So Hollande really is an idiot socialist”

  1. Is the EU FTT going to apply to currency conversion? If so they should return to the old currencies to widen the tax base.

    Tim adds: The EU has realised that applying it to currencies would be in breach of Single Market rules.

  2. I assume this is simply an attempt by Hollande to stimulate the *French* economy by taxing the *British* economy.

  3. “So Hollande really is an idiot socialist”

    All socialists are idiots, though some are more idiotic than others.

  4. Not an oxymoron unless you think socialists are not idiots. Perhaps you meant a tautology.

    An oxymoron is someone who studied PPE at a certain university.

  5. Didn’t they redo that study with different assumptions and discover that actually the FTT will be super?

    You know, like they do with referendums that return inconvenient results.

    Tim adds: the great joy of the replay was that, even though it wasn’t as bad, it was still bad. Still a fuck up, even after the go away and do it again.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Again I would not rule out sheer animal cunning of a particularly low sort.

    Suppose he knows it is a bad idea. Such a bad idea Britain will certainly and Germany will probably veto it.

    Now he can say that he has the solution to the problem but the horrible Angl0-Saxons/Boche won’t let him implement it. So, alas, he is forced to do whatever it is he really wants to do. With tears in his eyes.

  7. Actually not all French people voted for this stupid man, only 38% of voters. The remaining voted for Sarko, or “Blanc” or didn’t vote.
    You must understand that a huge part of these stupid 38% voted for him only because they hated Sarkozy (they thought that Sarko was the reason of the crisis… you see their level): they were not convinced at all by its program.
    Now the popularity of Holland is decreasing a lot (like never as compared to former presidents).
    Sometimes, I laugh thinking about this man and his government (just ridiculous), Hollande looks like Mister Bean… Sometimes I’m very sad cause the situation is hard and it will become worst with him

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