So that\’s the end of the UN then

With a line-up that includes Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, and Ricky Martin, the UN\’s choice of ambassadors has been known to cause raised eyebrows or the odd smirk.

Seldom, however, has there been such anger, or questioning of the organisation\’s credibility, as that greeting the appointment of a new international envoy for tourism: Robert Mugabe.

Hang them all.

8 thoughts on “So that\’s the end of the UN then”

  1. Sounds a bit overrated.. allegedly all he did was to sign a letter saying that he supports _tourism_, and after all, he is the _leader_ of Zimbabwe whether legitimate or not.

  2. Yes, John above is right – the story is absolute bollocks. Bit depressing to find it in the Grauniad; it’d be better suited to the Telegraph or DM’s narrative about the UN.

  3. According to twitter:

    #UNWTO does not have Ambassadors Programme. Open Letter calling for support for #tourism sent to all Heads of Member States”

    On the other hand, the Guardian is well-known in these parts to be an unimpeachable authority on international affairs as on all things. And one might reasonably ask why the world needs open letters in support of tourism.

  4. This is the kind of twisting of the story you might expect from a ranty blog, not from a professional newspaper – oh, I just realised my mistake; I got the adjectives the wrong way round. So it is to be expected.

  5. I thought the end of the UN was looming yesterday when I saw Kofi Annan sent to Syria as a special envoy to try to stop the violence. Perhaps his son is feeling the pinch following the end of the oil for food programme and needs a new scam to get involved in?

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