So we need less State social care then?

A quarter of the population is involved in providing some form of care for older family or friends, it finds.

And almost one in five of them regularly spend at least £100 a month.

The figures emerge from a report detailing how a “secret generation” of carers is helping prop up Britain’s crumbling social care system.

That\’s good, isn\’t it?

The good people of this nation are good people. Caring for their families and friends as they age.

Far from this shwing that the social care system is crumbling it shows that it is in robust good health.

As to the State social care system, we only need that to fill in the gaps of what people do not do out of love of family and friends don\’t we? So the existence of this private network also lowers the pressure on that State network.

Trebles all round really.

Although, sadly, that\’s not quite the way that even the Telegraph reports it.

2 thoughts on “So we need less State social care then?”

  1. My Dad is his own responsibility first, his partner’s and his sons’ second and thirdly, the State’s.

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

    What’s a couple of hundred quid a month (even if I don’t earn much) to me if it helps sort my old man?

    What ‘secret generation of carers’? It’s just people doing what we should when we can.

    Dad nursed mum through her paralysing terminal illness. He had help from the social services (to get out of the house once a week among other things) but he did it. It was his wife. That, among many other moments, was what they were together for.

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