Sounds cool

Others are looking further ahead. Braisch said the US DoE is focusing its new research on future generations of CCS, including using fossil fuels to power plants full of fuel cells. That would result in a pure stream of CO2, he said, avoiding the two-thirds of CCS\’s cost, which is incurred in separating the gas. Another cost-cutter could be using the CO2 to grow algae, which is then used as animal feed.

Of course, I don\’t say that just because such fuel cells would be likely to use my beloved scandium….

2 thoughts on “Sounds cool”

  1. Leaders in CCS: a country which didn’t sign up to Kyoto, a country that wishes it hadn’t and a major oil producer.

    “A very cost-effective technology” according to a BP engineer, though sadly even a rigged carbon market can’t deliver a price to make it economic.

    Greenies upset about pumping pollutants into the ground at concentrations <1/100 but quite happy to pump pollution into the ground at 100%.

    And past there the needle on my irony meter went off the scale…

  2. If they use the CO2 to grow algae, eventually the little chaps will die or be eaten by something else that in turn will die (etc etc) and then it’ll release all the CO2 back into the atmosphere.

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