The Greek solution


We could give it back to the Turks. Supporting Greek independence was always a mistake. Seems better than the last two solutions we tried – allowing some Germans to run it. Plus they had a third go in the 1940s. Never seems to work out well.

We can tell the Turks we will throw in half of Cyprus for free.

But would the Turks take it?

And SMFS gets this week\’s prize for the most outrageously wonderful joke of the week. Prince P, Duke of E, would approve.

5 thoughts on “The Greek solution”

  1. It’s partly fear of being handed back to the Turks that got Greece into its current mess. They’ve spent an awful lot of money on arms – something like 3% of GDP has been going into arms purchases.

  2. So Much For Subtlety


    It is interesting that we have got to a stage where 3% of GDP is considered an awful lot.

  3. Yes, isn’t it wonderful? I’d rather spend the money on hospitals and schools than arms, or even better not take it from the taxpayer in the first place. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, we’ll never get rid of the need for militaries, but at least we can keep the economic impact as low as possible.

  4. “Prince P. Duke of E would no doubt approve. ”

    That’s “Phil the Greek” Battenburg you’re talking about, not just Prince “haven’t you gone slitty eyed yet” Phillip, Duke of E.

  5. SMFS

    For an economy as dire as Greece’s has been for as long as anyone can remember, spending 3% of GDP on arms is far too much.

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