The painful ignorance of Oxfam

The extreme inequality in the distribution of the
world’s income should make us question the current
development model (development for whom?), which
has accrued mostly to the wealthiest.

Strangely, this current neoliberal trade laissez faire fuck off politicians we don\’t need you model is:

a) Reducing global poverty faster than anything else ever has done ever.

b) Reducing global inequality.

I think we\’ll keep it thanks.

5 thoughts on “The painful ignorance of Oxfam”

  1. Hang on, you just told us that growth increases inequality, now you say it reduces it. Which is it?

    Tim adds: In country inequality tends to get increased by growth. Current global inequality is being reduced as the poor places are growing faster than the rich ones.

  2. Wealth is created. Who has it, initially? Surprise! The newly wealthy, who created it!

    The Ford delusion has been run round the block so many times it’s now an urban myth.

    Seriously, someone should fisk this “new” report for plagiarism from a 1970s sociology dissertation and help Oxfam get their money back.

  3. Inequalities within countries are increasing, but global inequality is being reduced.

  4. Ironically, as Tim points out later, this vile economic system produces the colossal surpluses which can be used to raise Oxfam salaries by 10% and provide Mercedes to every minor relative of the ruling clans they maintain in power.

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