Timmy\’s rich world problems

A few years back, when the euro was strong against the dollar, I was, in large part, being paid in dollars: calculation of payments was done in dollars you understand. Most of my expenses were here in Europe in euros.

Various bits and bobs have changed and now my income is determined and calculated in euros. However, I\’ve got a fairly chunky piece of $ debt that I am paying down.

The euro sank to a near two-year low against the dollar on Tuesday amid worries about the solvency of Spanish banks, and as the governor of the country\’s central bank quit. The single currency fell below $1.25 after

Sigh, got that the wrong way both times, eh?

4 thoughts on “Timmy\’s rich world problems”

  1. Same here – moved to London from Australia to study in 2006 when 1 GBP cost 2.5 AUD. My side income was all in USD then.

    My first proper holiday after 2 years – went to France when 1 pound was almost 1 euro.

    Now the pound has dropped, I’m still stuck in London for a few more years, haven’t had time to experience 1 GBP to 1.25 EUR, and my USD earnings have dried up but my expenses haven’t!

  2. See – you really are an Economist, ain’t cha?

    On exchange rates I’ve done very well out of sojourns in Oz and NZ – so I’m no economist then.

  3. Well just for once -and not through any cleverness on my part- I’m doing it right,with debts in USD and income in Peruvian soles. Whether this benign situation will last until the end of the current government, though, is uncertain.

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