Way to go with the headline!

Tens of thousands of dead Nazis still being repatriated
Tens of thousands of dead Nazi soldiers are still being repatriated from makeshift war graves on the Eastern Front, despite the war having ended more than six decades ago.

Erm, it was a Nazi State, quite possibly a Nazi war, but that doesn\’t make every conscript who died in it a Nazi.

Be like describing the inhabitants of a Commonweath War Cemetery as Conservatives (or even National Governmentalists) or Monarchists.

10 thoughts on “Way to go with the headline!”

  1. I thought burying soldiers where they fell was a long European tradition. So why are they being repatriated? Is it blood and soil or that the East Europeans don’t want them?

  2. Errrm, strictly speaking they probably were Nazis. I’m not exactly sure of the numbers, but given the widespread membership of Hitler youth many of those conscripts could be called Nazi.

    Also, its worth pointing out that the Telegraph article isn’t objecting to their repatriation, merely commenting on the fact that it’s still ongoing after 60+ years.

  3. @ Steve Crook: I think life is a little more complicated than that. I have a Jewish friend – now somewhat elderly – who in his boyhood was a member of the Hitler Youth. He would not consider himself to be a Nazi, either then or now.

  4. Churm Rincewind:

    Indeed. As a matter of fact, I read (relatively recently, though I disremember just where) that Hitler himself signed waivers of the Nurenberg (race) laws for about 1500 part-Jewish general officers (meaning greater than an eighth part by ancestry).

    Also, when the order came to dismiss Jews from service, Adm. Doenitz telegraphed Hitler that, without Jews, there would be no U-boat fleet, so H didn’t pursue the matter.

  5. If ‘repatriation ‘ of the war dead is to be an ongoing thing will they stop at WW2. Lots of dead from other wars – and how will you know where to repatriate them to. Not everybody fought for their country of birth.

  6. @Steve and Churm: Membership in the Hitler Youth was mandatory so most soldiers below a certain age used to be a member. The purpose of membership was indoctrination so some of them became very fierce believers.

  7. It is now very unusual in any of the media to use the adjective ‘German’ when speaking of WW2 – the enemy are always Nazis. This reduces discussion to a nice, simple matter of good guys and bad guys and avoids being beastly to the Germans.

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