Yes, I\’m a bad boy

Germany is playing Israel tonight.

All the local pubs are showing it.

It\’s soccer which is less important and violent than some previous matches.

And while I like, and would happily introduce to my mother (umm, OK, excepting the one that I personally find most amusing but ain\’t that always the case?) all of the Germans I know, have met, umm, I really do think I\’d like Israel to win.

Just \’coz…..


3 thoughts on “Yes, I\’m a bad boy”

  1. In 1966 I was holidaying in France, at Arcachon, and went into a café where the final of the World Cup was showing on a b&w TV. Place was packed and all the French were cheering on the England squad. When they realised, from my appalling accent that we were English, to a man, there were no women, they yelled louder for the Boche. AND someone nicked a couple of spotlights off the MG.

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