Birthday honours

So what does this mean?

Timothy Bartel Smit, To be made substantive.

He was made KBE in 2011. But maybe he was still Dutch at that point? Meaning that it was an honorary knighthood? And he\’s now taken out UK citizenship so is Sir Tim now?

2 thoughts on “Birthday honours”

  1. Yup. “Made substantive” is what happens to an honorary KBE holder who takes British citizenship.

    Presumably he’s taken it up primarily to make the K full-strength: it’s a major step, as you have to renounce Dutch citizenship to take foreign citizenship, so not something you’d bother doing as an EU citizen otherwise.

    (well, unless he knows something we don’t about the future of the EU I suppose…)

  2. Perhaps he’ll celebrate becoming British by changing his surname to Smith and making life easier for people who take down his details over the phone. ‘Bartel-Smith’ would sound quite classy.

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