Booze limits nonsense once again

Excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy is known to harm babies, causing a range of health problems from behavioural disorders and impaired IQ to facial disfigurement.

Consequently the Department of Health recommends that women should either avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy or have very little.

Its guidelines state that women who do chose to drink should consume no more than a medium-sized glass (175ml) of wine, two units, twice a week.

But Danish researchers have now found that drinking up to three times that amount appears to have no negative effect on children.

They decided to examine the issue because few studies have looked at the health effects on children of light or moderate drinking during pregnancy.

The important point being made here is that no one has actually studied this before. Or very little: the guidelines have been plucked whole from temperance campaigners arses.

Yes, there really is something called FAS but for the vast majority of pregnant women and their typical drinking habits a glass of something relaxing does more good in hte relaxing than in the harm of the booze.

As is broadly true of most people\’s drinking habits in fact. As yer man Paracelsus pointed out, the poison is the dose.

4 thoughts on “Booze limits nonsense once again”

  1. I remember my wife debating whether to have a glass of champagne offered by a restaurant in Lille. She explained the advice of English doctors. “Ah, the English doctors, they are wrong!” said the waitress, “a glass of champagne made my pregnancy more pleasant, and my children are never ill!”

    I’m sorry to say I can’t remember whether she accepted the glass.

  2. In the UK, this seems to have advanced to women being told not to drink whilst breastfeeding. The French mothers I know seem to think this is barking.

  3. Tim Newman

    I think that’s barking too. Gin is the best way of getting babies to sleep. Mum either puts it in their bottles or drinks it herself while breastfeeding. The second is of course far preferable – not because it’s better for the babies but because otherwise it’s a waste of decent gin.

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