High technology baffles Timmy: Help!

I need page two of this file as a .jpg or something that I can add to a blog post.

And I cannot for the life of me work out how to do it.


Anyone with a clue?


Update: It appears that many of you have a clue. I now have this and will use it at Forbes later today. Many thanks to Nathan and Steve who sent copies (one .jpg, one .png and one of those two will definitely work).



9 thoughts on “High technology baffles Timmy: Help!”

  1. Forgive me if this is too quick and dirty, or teaching you to suck eggs………

    Get page 2 in front of you on your screen.

    Hit “PrtScn”
    Open the program “Paint” from the Accessories menu
    Hold “Ctrl”and then hit “V” (Paste)
    Highlight the section you need
    Copy & paste it into Word
    Fiddle with it
    Save as PDF (or .jpg)

  2. Save it to your computer, load in Acrobat Reader (rather than your browser). Go to the Edit menu and click Take a Snapshot. Select the area you’re interested in and it will copy it to the clipboard. You can then either paste it directly into the webpage editor or into something like Paint.

  3. If you know how to navigate Russian websites, there are plenty of handy tools which can crack .pdfs wide open. This is why the US war on software piracy will fail: their agents can’t read Russian, nor can they lay their hands on the blokes responsible.

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