Hurrah! I\’m Famous!

I\’ve actually made the Morning Star:

For the Adam Smith Institute\’s Tim Worstall it unmasked campaign group UK Uncut as nothing more than \”ignorant teenage Trots.\”

However, Rory does seem to miss the odd fact or two:

But it does clearly say – without making presumptions about the legality of HMRC\’s actions of the character of its executives – what the UK Uncut campaigners have said all along.

Well, no, the NAO report does not.

Vodafone has admitted to wringing a £1.2 billion payment from a £6bn dispute

For example, there never was a £6 billion dispute. This number was entirely an invention by Private Eye.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah! I\’m Famous!”

  1. He also claims that a win for HMRC would have established a useful legal precedent in their favour, but fails to explain that a loss would perform the same favour for the opposition.

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