Iz \’e sirius?

Murphy has a very strong grip on the numbers for a start.


11 thoughts on “Iz \’e sirius?”

  1. Oh, come on. Why should we pay any attention to the person making the statement?

    Second year undergraduate studying Historical Archaeology at the University of York. My interests include; anthropological theories of value, working class housing in England, humanism and political journalism.

    He’s just a typical student trot. Ignorance is not just mandatory but positively celebrated. So, yes, he’s entirely serious. Utterly deluded, if not actively mendacious, but this just shows the position various idiots on the left have lauded the WGCE into.

  2. Oh, sod, it’s worse even than that:

    And Marxism 2012? For those of you who don’t know Marxism is a political festival (hosted by the SWP, but by no means monopolised by them – see the timetable) that lasts from the 5th July – 9th July. You spend the entire time flitting between talks on everything from the Egyptian revolution to Das Kapital to talks on horizontalism, generally sleeping in Kurdish community centres of a night. A few of us from York are attending and it should be good fun. Well, that’s my idea of good fun.

  3. Dennis The Peasant

    Murphy has a splendid grip on the numbers.

    Unfortunately, it’s only the numbers 1 and 2.

  4. Well, he does appear in a list of “who to follow” that includes Juice Rap News. Oh, and Fraser Nelson and Guido Fawkes. An eclectic mixture, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Damn

    Possible (of course)

    I left my glasses at home and my arms aren’t long enough to type and see the screen properly

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Matthew L – “I imagine Ritchie has a rather good hold of number one.”

    His blog certainly gives me the impression he never stops playing with his Number One either.

  7. How is ‘Historical Archaeology’ different from regular Archaeology? Is there a course in Speculative Archaeology? Archaeology and Interpretive Dance? On second thoughts, perhaps best not to ask…

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