Makes you proud to be British

Britain on flood alert.

And we still manage to maintain a hosepipe ban.

I really cannot think of any other country that would be able to manage both at the same time.

11 thoughts on “Makes you proud to be British”

  1. The problem with the hosepipe ban and “droughts” is because of all the green mumbo-jumbo which means that water companies are discouraged from building bigger and better reservoirs for the growing population. Instead everything is geared to cutting back and lessening the amount of water we use. Also, a lack of investment in the good times of repairing and upgrading the infrastructure.

  2. am suspicious that this is all part of a long term campaign for water meters, which once in place will be used to fleece the household population at the expense of the 3 biggest users, agriculture, industry and leaks.

  3. ‘The problem with the hosepipe ban and “droughts” is because of all the green mumbo-jumbo…’

    ‘… long term campaign for water meters…’

    And of course don’t forget the elephant in the room which Booker/North with their keen eyesight have spotted crouching in the corner (the elephant, not Booker and or North).


  4. Mark T has it. It’s all about water meters and extracting more money from the poor bloody infantry (ie households).

    But I have a cunning plan….I have discovered that water companies have no idea what to do when eight houses share a single mains water supply. They can hardly impose a shared water meter! I’m sure eventually they will find a way of providing individual water meters to houses with shared water supplies, but until they do, we are immune……

  5. Water meters are almost universal in the USA. People pay for the water they actually use! This has not led to any dire consequences.

  6. I’ll give you a third category to add to the mix, Tim – the management of water supplies is managed most efficiently in the private sector.

    If you see Sid, tell him, and watch how he laughs in your face.

    ZT, isn’t Las Vegas running out of water?

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