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So Charlie Grosvenor picks up another gong.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor The Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, OBE, TD, CD, DL, Formerly Member of the Council, Duchy of Cornwall.

A CVO this time.

So, he\’s the Duke of Westminster, obviously. Knight of the Garter, Commander of the Bath, Officer of British Empire, Territorial Decoration, Canadian Decoration (for 12 years meritorious service in Armed Forces, and given to those with honorary ranks/appointments. I have a feeling that he\’s Colonel or something of one of the BC or Vancouver regiments? Not all that odd, given the land holdings over there.) But what is DL?

It\’s a slightly strange group to have really. You lot know more about such things than I do but the Duke, the CVO, CB, KG, CD all rather come from who he is. The OBE and TD come from what he has done (ie, lots and lots of Territorial Army).

I think it\’s rather admirable that even though near gifted a basket full of baubles he\’s plugged away at something, anything in fact, and achieved much lower gongs entirely through his own efforts.

There\’s a rumour out there that it\’s the TD which he is most proud of……

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  1. Honorary Colonel-in-Chief Royal Westminster Regiment, New Westminster, BC, Canada.

    There’s also a few of those esoteric religious decorations such as Knight Grand Cross, Order of St Lazarus.

  2. Wonder why he was only Deputy Lieutenant? Doesn’t spend enough time in Cheshire to be Lord Lieutenant I suppose.

  3. Isn’t the CVO also likely to be a “what he’s done” rather than purely a “what he is”? It’s usually for personal service to the Royal Family.

    In his case, presumably, sitting on the Council of the Duchy of Cornwall. I would guess his experience of running a large property company was rather useful.

    And yes, good for him. Having inherited that sort of fortune, it would have been very easy to do nothing useful.

    Interesting though that he’s got lots of different low-ranking awards (other than the Garter of course). TD and CD are for time served. CB, CVO, OBE, all at or near the bottom of their orders. I’d have thought it was unusual to have awards in so many different orders without having high-ranking ones.

  4. CB, CVO, OBE, all at or near the bottom of their orders.

    The military is quite strict on the qualification for orders by rank-range. In 1995, he was just finishing commanding the QOY as a Lt Col – a military division OBE was as good as he was going to get. Similarly, as a Major General in 2008, CB (or the slightly lesser CBE) was entirely appropriate.

    CVO, on the other hand, is nowhere near the bottom of the Royal Victorian Order – LVO, MVO and even the RVM (although that is strictly a separate award) come below.

  5. These honours, they’re bollocks. If politicians are making some money selling them, good, it’s as good a way to fund them as any. Otherwise, let’s abolish the lot.

  6. He’s lucky he was born that rich, because he is a talentless idiot, who has been given the majority of the honours listed by being born to the parents he was born to

  7. because he is a talentless idiot, who has been given the majority of the honours listed

    Know him well do you? I don’t, but I’ve met him a couple of times each in both business and military capacities.

    He was largely responsible for turning the Grosvenor Group around. He took it from being merely rich to seriously hoofing in the stuff.

    And, on the military side, you forget that the military has a great tradition of being able to park the sons of the rich and famous – see HRH Duke of York, as an example. He didn’t quit at Major but is still going as a working Major General, having been in open competition for command of his unit and every promotion since. It’s been a while since a “talentless idiot” could get that sort of rank substantive, although it is still possible on an “honorary” basis.

    KG – yes, I’ll give you that one. He wouldn’t have got the former if he wasn’t a Duke. And he wouldn’t have got the CD without the Westminster name (although he also wouldn’t have got it without his success in military service.)

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