Murder in Bennett Street

This is both nasty and full of coincidence.

A father of one has been charged with the murder of his PhD student girlfriend at their Georgian home while their baby cried nearby.

Investment administrator Paul Keene, 31, is accused of killing 28-year-old Carmen Miron-Buchacra, known as Gaby, at their Georgian home in Bath, Somerset.

That Georgian flat being the next street up from my own flat in Bath. Bennett Street rather than Alfred. But here\’s the coincidence:

Mr Keene is listed as working as an administrator for Advance Investments Limited, in Bath, since 2007.

On its website, the company claims: \’Paul has become an integral part of the Advance support team.

\’With over ten years\’ experience in different sectors of the Financial Services industry, Paul prides himself on delivering consistently excellent customer service, case management and adviser support with a clear focus on the customer experience.\’

His company lists former London Irish, England and British Lions rugby star Mike Catt as a client.

And Mike Catt used to rent my grandmother\’s old flat which is the next street over again, Russell St.

Spooky or what?

15 thoughts on “Murder in Bennett Street”

  1. Is someone at the Daily Mail taking the piss from the inside? That piece was more a property supplement than it was a crime report…

  2. And I was staying at a friend’s house on Hay Hill (opposite Alfred St) last month.

    And I grew up 15 miles from Downham Market.

    Can’t just be a coincidence………

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Ms Miron-Buchacra was a fifth-year research student at the University of Bath, where she was studying for an Integrated PhD in Postgenomic Biosciences.

    Fifth year? Does that mean she spent five years on her Ph.D.? Which was not unreasonable back in the day, but now? Doesn’t the government punish any Department whose students don’t finish in four or less?

    Or do they mean she spent two years on a Research Masters first?

    28 -> 23? Looks like five years of a Ph.D. Perhaps she is from Moldova or some other sh!thole and didn’t want to go back.

  4. It’s an incredibly saddening death for the university.
    With the issue about Ms Miron-Buchacra being in her fifth year, integrated PhDs have funds for up to four years, rather than three years with the standard PhD. Research students are also given an extra year after their funding ends in order to write up the thesis. Using too much of this writing period is becoming frowned, and university departments usually have their grants cut if students fail to submit a valid thesis before the end of either four or five years.
    I agree that the article itself does not have concordant tone with other murder articles, and greatly resembles a Bath property expose.

  5. Government pressure to write up your PhD is (or was) confined to those on government grants. If someone else was funding her, she might well have been permitted to soldier on to a suitable ending point.

  6. The address is two doors down from the former home of Admiral Phillip, the first governor of Australia, who lived there between 1806 and 1814.

    It lies opposite The Assembly Rooms, a magnificent 18th century building, which is now used as a museum and exclusive wedding venue.

    I see — I see — and presumably this means that there’s an apartment on the market?

  7. ….Paul prides himself on delivering consistently excellent customer service, case management and adviser support with a clear focus on the customer experience.’…..

    Not sure he was focusing on the customer experience here.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    BenSix – “I see — I see — and presumably this means that there’s an apartment on the market?”

    Well yes. After all at least one is not being used any more.

  9. Is it merely a coincidence that Paul Keene was due to spend today and tomorrow tackling the Four Peaks Challenge with his Advance Investments colleagues? Is it coincidence that his name and profile have not only been excised from the company website, but also from the Four Peaks sponsorship page? Will that bloke from Bath-based Novia Financial regret sponsoring Paul & co and publicly highlighting their business relationship a mere three days before the “incident”? Will the “I’m Fitter Than You” climbing team be able to continue without him, or will they have to cry off as being a man short? If he is found guilty of murder, will Paul Keene be given the opportunity to update his LinkedIn profile prior to sentencing? Will he still be willing to give personal references?
    Is there way too much information floating around on the internet?

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