NAO to UK Uncut: Fuck off hippies

The NAO report into the five tax cases. The two that UK Uncut etc have been whining about, Goldman\’s and Vodafone, amazingly they have both turned out to be what I (guided by many among you readers who actually know about these things) said they were.

Vodafone was about the conflict between FCC and EU law and yes, EU law wins.

Goldman was about interest charged or not charged during the litigation process.

Meaning that the essential message from the NAO to UK Uncut is fuck off hippies, you\’re ignorant.

This also applies to Private Eye\’s coverage of these cases. And as for Mr. Murphy, well, we always knew he was blathering here, didn\’t we?

7 thoughts on “NAO to UK Uncut: Fuck off hippies”

  1. Ne’er mind, whilst these greedy bastards insist on refusing to pay their dues, the fight continues.. the message is clear, people our having their living standards (and in some extreme cases, existence) threatened.. whilst these fucks bleed the system dry.. doesn’t actually even matter about the minutae of detail.. nobody is listening to neoliberal fuckwittery anymore, the tide is turning..


  2. Perhaps it should have read “HMRC failure to understand the tax laws it is designated to enforce means UK Treasury has potentially lost billions in tax revenues”

    Doesn’t sound quite so snappy though..

  3. Interesting. The Guardian has just changed its headline for its NAO report article.

    Now no mention of “billions being lost in tax”.

  4. Meanwhile, the ignorant hippies have been granted leave to challenge HMRC’s actions via a judicial review.

    What a bloody waste of (our) money…

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