Ritchie calls for state slavery

I have long argued for what I call a ‘passport tax’.

Again he calls for it in fact. He wants to take the most objectionable part of the US tax system and graft it onto our own. If you have a British passport then your income is the property of the British Government for them to plunder at will.

I don\’t know whether the Murphmeister has a UK passport or not. But I do know that he has an Irish one. And also that his Irish tax bill would be higher than his UK one. I think we\’d like to see a little walking of the walk here, wouldn\’t we?

A copy of the tax return that Murphy has filed in Dublin along with the extra payment over and above what he gets away with in the tax haven of Britain?


7 thoughts on “Ritchie calls for state slavery”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If you have a British passport then your income is the property of the British Government for them to plunder at will.

    Well it is immoral and stupid as well as counter productive, but it is more or less a statement of the facts isn’t it? The British government already asserts that any British person can be arrested for any behaviour committed overseas that they dislike sufficiently – even if it is legal where it was committed. Isn’t it just the obvious next step?

  2. In fairness, it was the ID card nonsense back under New Labour that caused me to assert my rights under the Irish constitution (acquired through my mother having been born in Northern Ireland) and obtain an Irish passport as well as my UK passport.

    The rationale here being that if ID cards had been introduced, I would and could dump my UK citizenship and not have an ID card forced upon me.

    If Ritchie and his Marxist friends get his way, I might have to dump the UK passport just to get rid of unwanted tax obligations as well.

    Not being a UK resident, I’m fucked if I’m going to pay UK taxes as well as my local taxes.

    Ritchie – Go Fuck Yourself with a Lamp-post!

  3. I suggest that this proposal fails the “what if everyone were to do it” test. Dual nationals living in third countries would be screwed triply.

    I find it terrifying that that Murphy idiot might have the ear of the next prime mentalist…

  4. Fred: the US law, and any conceivable clones thereof, already feature double-taxation provisions. You knock all foreign tax paid off your US liability (so if you are in France or Sweden you’ll owe Uncle Sam nowt). Doesn’t make them good or right, but does mean disaster scenarios are overplayed.

  5. And how would that work with 3 jurisdictions in play? Country of residence obviously gets first bite. Who gets second?

    If Sweden did citizenship taxation, you’d have people on 2 times modal income in Switzerland knocked down to living in tiny apartments and eating cat food.

  6. @John b: there are most certainly plenty of “disaster scenarios” under citizenship-based taxation, even with a foreign tax credit.

    The US has a lot of ways to limit your credit so you get less credit than you paid to your country of residence. You get to pay the higher of two country’s income tax rates, never mind that perhaps your country of residence uses small income taxes offset by high sales taxes. Your retirement planning is essentially impossible because virtually no non-US plan qualifies for US tax deferral. The US has no CGT allowance, so you can pay US CGT where there’d be none payable (or offsettable) for the country of residence. Even for your house. And on and on and on.

    US citizenship renunciation is up ten fold since 2008, and much is driven by this tax minefield and a highly increased IRS “focus” on foreign accounts, in this case ordinary bank accounts of folk leading normal lives outside the US but who happen to be US citizens. Visit http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/ for first-hand accounts of people with real grievances, and their efforts to shed themselves of “toxic” US citizenship. These people are angry, and rightly so.

    Do we really want to mimic this blatantly self-destructive US policy? Murphy says yes. But he’s an idiot.

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