Slightly odd and rather fun

So yesterday the World Service interviewed me briefly about rare earths, China, Japan and Vietnam.

Hmm, *shrug*.

Today Radio France Internationale interviewed me about the Chinese position paper on rare earths.

Do they listen to each other and then when looking for someone willing to spout off just contact whoever the other guys had?


3 thoughts on “Slightly odd and rather fun”

  1. Well there may not be too many around who do know anything much about the topic. And if you sounded as if you knew what you were talking about then it makes things simpler for them.

  2. Works for Murphy.
    Of course he knows bugger all about what he drivels on but nor do the interviewers. Not the audience at the end.

  3. They probably do just find the talking head the other guy did. Journos are lazy toads and tend to take the path of least resistance. As BiS points out, the downside is that once an utter window-licker like Murphy gets his foot in the door, it takes dynamite to shift the bugger.

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