Small scale hydro

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, England and Wales have up to 248 megawatts of unexploited hydro potential at around 1,692 sites (a 100kW scheme could power 50 houses).

248 x 10 x 50 equals 124,000 houses.

Out of some 21 million households in the country. Excellent, we\’ve just powered 0.6% of the country. Without industry or transport.

After five years\’ work, Woodman created a 3kW scheme that powers his house.

At vast and huge cost in human labour.

It\’s all very fun and you can rummage around on Welsh hillsides if you like but it\’s not actually a solution to anything, is it?

2 thoughts on “Small scale hydro”

  1. Hard to know where to start with this stupidity.
    2kW per household? Don’t get a hoover and a fridge at the same time.
    Reliable rainfall? Ask my grandfather whose working life was two hours on and two hours off because he had a watermill.
    Or maybe ask the professionals. Do the elec giants of rainy countries build dams to pour water through or do they just make them (in pairs) as the nearest approach to a storage battery for nuclear?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The utter asinine stupidity of this is that any fool knows that Welsh hillsides and the valleys therein are used. You know, by that environment thing. Alpine (which we don’t really have) habitats are fragile almost by definition.

    Damming every other valley in the UK to get some trivial amount of power would do untold ecological damage to the UK.

    Tar and feathers would be a waste of tar.

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