So when does Nick Cohen join UKIP?

In the eurozone, there is no \”we\” capable of exercising control. The absence of a \”demos\”, of a legitimate political community able to act collectively, explains why the richest, most educated region on the planet is paralysed – to the undisguised amazement of the rest of the world. The walls of the prison in which the eurozone has incarcerated southern Europe and Ireland have been described often enough. National governments can no longer tell central banks to print money to pay off debt. They have no control over interest rates or exchange rates. Their currencies are as fixed as if they were in the gold standard and set at a permanent competitive disadvantage against Germany. Decisions are taken by the IMF, Brussels and Germany rather than sovereign electorates. As we know, power has passed beyond national control.

The European elite\’s bovine response can still generate incredulity, however. \”I can say the medicine is beginning to work,\” announced José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, last month, as youth unemployment in Spain passed 50% and the Greek and Spanish banking systems careered towards a crash.

I knew he was moving right but when do we need to get out the purple bunting?

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  1. Peter Risdon

    It’s sort of right wing to support the West’s Mid East wars, be against censorship also as regards Muslims, and write books about it like “What’s Left?” and “You Can’t Read This Book.”

  2. Why, Tim, is it a good thing that central banks can print money to give to the government?

    Why does anyone want “control” or “sovereignty” over money? It is that control that allows the intentional debasement of money. On what planet is that a good thing?

    On what planet is the exercise of the “sovereignty” to utterly destroy your economy by running up unrepayable debts a good thing? That is the sovereignty the anti-euro crowd want back.

    I really don’t understand how Tim can be such a small-government liberal but simultaneously opposes something that (well, should in theory) fetters governments and stops them fucking the country up.

  3. It’s quite a feat by the EU, to combine the defects of democracy with the defects of autocracy: well done Messieurs!

  4. There’s nothing right-wing about opposing UK membership of the EU. Ask Tony Benn. The people I can remember campaigning for a Yes vote when we had a referendum on it were Roy Jenkins, Douglas Hurd, and Margaret Thatcher.

  5. …..fetters governments and stops them fucking the country up….

    In the case of the PIGS it gave them a blank check to spend money they didn’t have

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