Spooky or what?

Yesterday was the day I officially moved from Germany to the Czech Republic. All of 50km but it is over the border.

And yesterday Germany lost and a Czech player threw Nadal out of Wimbledon.

Spooky, eh? Perhaps I should team up with David Icke?

9 thoughts on “Spooky or what?”

  1. I (wryly, but not altogether unseriously) wonder whether the German team was ordered to throw the match, or for that matter whether it did so of its own accord. I mean, if the Krauts won dis ting, they’d be as popular on the continent as the Ger… Oh, ah. Hm.

  2. I would have thought you’d be an Icke fan, Arnald. He’s got your sort of economic views, and the world being ruled by lizard people isn’t that much more insane than some of Murphy’s ideas.

  3. Arnald

    Are you one of the shape-shifting reptiles hinted at in Icke’s work? With your support for the total state takeover of all economic activity, you certainly have the right totalitarian instinct….

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