France, Italy and Spain are in favour of the introduction of so-called eurobonds, which would essentially pool the debt of all eurozone members, spreading risk, but Germany is strongly opposed to the idea.

We\’d all like someone rich to underwrite our debts and thus lower the interest paid on them.

The rich person taking the risk is often less interested….

6 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. The Germans are saying “maybe”, as long as everyone agrees that they abide by German rules on spending and regulation. These things have not gone down well in Greece or Spain so far…

  2. Oooh, Ken, it’s better even than that. If they want German money they’ve got to pledge their gold and national treasures as collateral.

  3. I am reminded of the cases before Judge Judy wherein somebody, usually a girl, had a boyfriend with “bad credit”, no job, no money and she lends him money for the down payment on a car (so he can get a job and make his fortune) and co-signs the loan agreement.

    Girl and boy part; boy does not pay back the down payment nor keep up payments on the loan, but keeps the car.

    The girl is out of pocket, being sued by the finance company, credit ruined.

    Judge Judy screams at girl for being so stupid for obvious reasons.

  4. John B

    Except that the car came from the girlfriend’s dad’s motor company for a nice price.

  5. …and the girl’s conditions for buying the car would include getting to take over any income the boy might have made for the rest of his life. And the girl’s dad also owned the finance company.

    (the real John B, not the imposter above)

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