The answer to free market surrogacy

If India doesn\’t pass the regulatory bill soon, the international community should pressurise it to do so. This is now a global industry so requires an international law and a global fertility body to regulate it.

Yeah, that\’ll do it. Pass the regulation over to the UN.

When Sudan chairs the committee perhaps they could insist on a clitorectomy with the caesarian?

2 thoughts on “The answer to free market surrogacy”

  1. A gloabal fertility body. Words fail. Imagine negotiating a convention on fertility. Literally, simply, impossible. They’d have to decide whether abortion is a crime against humanity or a fundamental human right. Ditto contraception, one-child policies, etc., etc. Still, could be fun coming up with an acronym for the agency.

  2. So poor girl in poor country finds a way to get herself a dowry, show her fitness to prospective husband by bring a foetus to term, and so marry up and improve her life chances which otherwise are pretty limited.
    Naturally the Guardian (aka the Feudal Times & Reactionary Herald) opposes the practice.
    These uppity darkie females have got to Know Their Place!

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