The arts graduates at The Guardian try numbers

Writing in the Guardian, Nick Clegg reveals 1,800 companies in FTSE-100 will publish greenhouse gas figures from April


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7 thoughts on “The arts graduates at The Guardian try numbers”

  1. Another error is the following:

    “Public companies in the UK are to become the first in the world forced to publish full details of the greenhouse gasses they produce”

    This has been happening in Australia for sometime:

    Large companies now devote huge amounts of time, money and effort determining their emissions, often under the supervision of a Group Emissions Manager or some such and his or her staff. So while those with proper jobs have additional tasks to distract them, some who would otherwise be unemployed now have had a non-job created just for them.

    The UK should stop worrying, when Australia introduces its carbon tax on 1 July, climate change will stop and we’ll all live happily ever after, especially those (i.e. Labor voters) who will be over compensated for the costs of the tax and so will be better off. Us rich gits will be worse off but at least we’ll know that we’ll never again face an extreme weather event.

  2. Talking of non-jobs, all this bollocks keeps utterly useless, sanctimonious wankers like Andrew Raingold off the streets and off benefits. Presumably he and his ilk would find some other teat to suckle on and something else to preach on if they didn’t have this opportunity to interfere in the lives of productive members of society.

  3. Not quite as stupid as it seems. FTSE-100 listed companies are usually members of large groups of companies, and it is quite probable that they could have many more than 1,800 subsidiaries whose performance is reported as part of the Annual Report to shareholders.

    Tim adds: Yes, that’s a nice try. But the text makes it clear that Clegg is referrring to all listed companies, not just to the FTSE 100. It really is the subs being idiots.

  4. And the subtext to Alex’s comment is that politicians are idiots so we have to make allowances for that.
    Care in the community?

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