The problem in the education system

Those who run it are not educated:

Pupils can choose from at least two meals every day. They pay £2 for two courses and this could be a starter and a main or a main and a desert.

As cjcjc pointed out, I\’ll have the Kalahari instead of the Apple Pie.

9 thoughts on “The problem in the education system”

  1. This is a great story!
    To summarise:
    9 year old girl blogs about her school dinners.
    It is well written and entertaining, yet neither rude nor disrespectful.
    It become popular.
    So the school system bans her from blogging.

    It then becomes #1 story on the BBC website, hence many more people will now read her blog.

    Frankly, I thought the blog gave a pretty positive of the school she is in, because it is is well written and entertaining, yet neither rude nor disrespectful (see above).

    So what could have been a pretty good advertisement for a school is turned into a very bad thing for the school. Local authority genius!

    (from the photos of the meals, they look far better than the muck I was served when I was at school!)

  2. @C J Nerd
    Just read that BBC article, I can’t believe Rory’s analysis;

    “I prefer to think there is another explanation – and that this is all a cunning plan by the councillors to draw attention to their beautiful region with its dramatic coastline, and fine cuisine. ”

    Really Rory? As opposed to incompetent jobsworths reacting the only way they have the imagination to react – by banning something they disagree with? No, you’re right, it must be a cunning and risky plan to pimp Scotland’s tourist industry.


  3. Maybe when the council starts hiring new (and competent) PR people to replace the cretins responsible for this car crash, it can include ‘Must be able to spell’ in its t&cs?

  4. The council’s focus is now on supporting the school in the education of young people in Argyll and Bute.

    Or, translated, “The council’s focus is now on drinking heavily to forget the appalling PR our stupid action has gained us.”

    David – the council run the system, the educators are the staff, the children are the raw materials.

  5. Congratulations to the Argyll & Bute council on its well-thought-out strategy for assisting Ms Payne in her charity fundraising activities.

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