The problem with patriotism is that it has a price

The French are too patriotic to decamp to Britain, Gallic leaders insisted, as they ridiculed David Cameron\’s offer to roll out the red carpet to French bosses fleeing Socialist tax hikes.

And it\’s always interesting to find out what that price actually is.

12 thoughts on “The problem with patriotism is that it has a price”

  1. We have a French friend who prefers living in East Anglia to Montpellier because the weather’s better here.

  2. No-one is going to put in the sort of lunatic hours required of an internet start up and take the risks that they’ll take, to give away 30% of it that they don’t have to give away.

    How much would any of us miss our countries, in this age of globalisation? Even if you live in a provincial town in the UK you can get saucisson sec, Gevrey Chambertin and chevre from the supermarket. Amazon have a wide range of French DVDs. We share the same TV like Strictly Come Dancing, The Weakest Link, Deal or No Deal and Countdown. If you want foie gras and livarot, there’s places on the internet.

  3. What Serf said. London is something like the 4th biggest French city by population. And I don’t think Hollande quite understands the difference between patriotism and staying at home: diasporas the world over are generally ten times more patriotic than those who stayed at home.

  4. My favourite comment on the CIF thread is from ‘Cleggout’: ‘How come when bankers threaten to leave a high tax regime in the UK, lefties shout “Let them go!”, but when the same bankers threaten to leave a high tax regime in France they shout “Make them stay!”. Weird.’

  5. Of course he is correct that there are cultural and linguistic reasons that make it much harder to move from country to country, even through there are no legal barriers if your are an EU subject. This is one of the reasons why the Euro is not even close to being an optimal currency area, and never will be.

  6. chris, the sort of people who are likely to up sticks from France and move to London are so cosmopolitan and deracinated that the barriers are very low.

  7. 75% tax, 8% CSG, 2% ISF, it all mounts up.
    Then there’s your recent 75% wage cut (if you’re CEO of France Telecom or EDF)…
    Time for lunch.

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