There\’s a way to find this out you know

The people don’t want a referendum on Europe, insists No 10
The British people do not want a referendum on the European Union at the moment, Downing Street has said.

We could have a referendum on whether to have a referendum….

10 thoughts on “There\’s a way to find this out you know”

  1. If the UK ever did get around to leaving the EU there’d be no one left for the politicians to blame for everything. That’s why they don’t actually want out. It’s a bind for the tories – being in means they can pretend they sorta mighta kinda want out, and in so doing win the septic vote – but if they ever do leave those votes are gone too. So Cameron has to tread a pretty fine line.

  2. Funny. I’ve not been asked whether I want one by No 10. Nor any of my friends, relatives, neighbours…

    So how do they know?

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    Erm, so why was Matt Drudge linking a story yesterday that said 80% of the UK wanted an in-or-out referendum?

  4. “The British people do not want a referendum on the European Union at the moment, Downing Street has said.”
    Whereas last year the electorate was gagging for a referendum on AV . . !

  5. Please hold off for 2.5 years so I can qualify for German citizenship and keep my British as well. If Britain pulls out before then I am screwed.

  6. Of course the British want a referendum on the EU. When asked they say they want a referendum on more or less anything. However fewer than 10% rank “Europe” or the “The EU” in their top 3 issues unless prompted to do so. So it is fair to say they don’t want one very much.

  7. It would be interesting if the pollsters who ask about whether we want a referendum on the eu could also ask what we would like the government to do after leaving the eu.

    My hunch is that the bulk of the answers would be related to immigration with almost all of the other popular responses being things that we could do without leaving the eu or things which a right of centre party like ukip couldn’t possibly want to do (eg heavy levels of state subsidy to uk businesses to maintain employment, imposition of high levels of tariffs on imports and other protectionist anti-trade measures).

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