Thre\’s more than one Mafia in Italy

As a result of such nepotism, the Department of Economics at the University of Bari had, at one point, eight professors who shared the same last name: Massari. They were all related. Apparently this set a new record for Italy; the previous record was six family members in the same department or institution.

2 thoughts on “Thre\’s more than one Mafia in Italy”

  1. they now have a rule banning the hiring of new academics who are related to existing academics. My friend from Milan is furious, because (he says) of course only the Northerners bother to observe the rule and he can’t get work where he wants to because some cousin he’s never met already works there.

  2. Luis,

    It’s simple isn’t it? Find the ideal job – get the real Mafia to off the cousin (or stick a horse’s head in his bed and a note saying “UCSD is lovely this time of year”.)

    He’s never met the cousin so, does he care?

    Cynically yours,

    Not-So-S E.

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