Timmy baffled by new technology again

So, I need to make a little video. I;\’ve a Samsung netbook with a web cam that I assume is capable of recording me talking at it.

So, where\’s the button that does that then?

OK, worked this out. Hey, computers have help files on them these days! When did that happen?

9 thoughts on “Timmy baffled by new technology again”

  1. They’ll ususally be some piece of software already installed that does all the stuff to turn it on, grab the stream and save it or send it straight out to the net. The name of the program should give a clue. Browse around the start menu and see what you can find.

  2. “Hey, computers have help files on them these days! When did that happen?”

    When manufacturers realised that not only does no one ever RTFM, most likely, the M was thrown away in the box the computer came in… 😉

  3. Tim>

    In general terms, these problems are more quickly solved by typing your question into google than posting on your blog.

  4. JuliaM (#2), I think it was more when manufacturers realised that they could cut their printing and shipping costs.

  5. Tim, does this mean you are following Murphy’s example of broadcasts to the nation from the spare bedroom?

  6. What Richard said – I used to read the Manuals until they decided that it was cheaper to have an on-line “Help” function which was of limited help if you could not get on-line!
    “Screen or key-board failure – use our on-line helpdesk”

  7. @ 7 Oh boy does that chime!.
    The meagre documentation comes with the mobile internet package I bought this week advises the user to do just that.

    Oh & to add insult to injury, if you can’t get on-line via the modem it’s no good thinking you can use the included wifi hot-spot access. The log-in & password info aren’t even on the website. You have to phone the help-line for those.

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