Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Compass looks at the German economy and manages to miss the herd of elephants.

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  1. Spot on.Telegraph scoffers please note: TW gets some things dead right but on an unpredictable basis.
    His ,as usual, vehment argument that Spanish cajas were not brought down by funny paper like collateralised debt obligations but by local banking deserves mainstream support from the Opposition not contrary (in both senses).
    initiatives by Cruddas (spelling?)
    One aspect of German experience that needs loking at is the mittlestand companies. Although ,being often family owned and smal,, they might not have been old Labour’s cup of tea, the real damge to their British equivalents was done years ago by Bank of England & Tory support for predatory taleovers in the Clore era (bye bye Northampton shoe industyry and all those High St shoe shops) and the later nakedly asset stripping era when a Tory Cabinet minister Peter Walker ,was part of the Slater Walker set -up with its own secondary bank that polished off a lot of old firms and built houses on the valuable sites.

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