“The best things in life are free”

Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson

No, Janet Brandford and Berry Gordy. And the best recording of it is obviously the Flying Lizards.

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  1. Well, not exactly. The popular song called “The Best Things in Life are Free” was indeed first recorded Vandross and Jackson, but not written by them. The earlier popular song our generation associates with the phrase is “Money (That’s What I Want) credited as you nearly say to Bradford and Gordy. There’s another song with similar lyrics,”I Need Some Money”, by John Lee Hooker, which seems to have used the phrase earlier (but there’s no early recording of it). And there’s a song from 1927 called “The Best Things are Free” for the musical “Good News”.

    If the question is “what musicians are associated with the saying in the minds of the most people”, then the article may well have the right answer. And if the question is “where does the saying come from”, then either it’s the 1927 song, or that song was quoting a well-known saying.

    Tim adds: I, for one, am glad that this blog now has two pendants.

  2. The Wall Street quote is the only bad bit of Gekko advice. Lunch is not for wimps. Have a light lunch (maybe a single sandwich, some fruit, but skipping lunch just makes you crazy later.

    On the other hand, his advice about hard work, greed and how money never sleeps are spot on.

  3. In context, Gekko is saying that lunch breaks are for wimps.

    It’s normal front-office practice in the City to eat lunch at one’s desk. Gekko wouldn’t object to that. Not that anyone’s seeking his approval.

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