Umm, Polly, about this Orange Book thing…

Let\’s not delay long over the what-ifs and who-did-what. Suffice it to say, leading Orange Book Lib Dems on the right – Clegg, David Laws, Chris Huhne and Danny Alexander – were already planning a Lib Dem-Tory coalition:
So here is their last chance. This is what Adonis urges, along with many dissident Lib Dems: Vince Cable finally rebels against an austerity that is destroying the economy. He can reasonably claim to have given Osborne\’s plan A a fair chance, but with the country deep in double-dip recession, he calls for the only budget U-turn that really matters. Time for plan B and an emergency autumn budget establishing an industrial bank, infrastructure investment, house and road building and a massive jobs programme for young and old, a Keynesian resurgence. His business department has overseen a collapse in manufacturing, and he should resign to rally the centre-left of his party against a government that is wrecking any chance of restoring healthy growth.

Umm, just a thought though.

In 2004, Cable contributed to the Orange Book and is identified with the economic liberal wing of the party. He believes that the Liberal Democrats should stand for \”fairer taxes, not higher taxes\”

Umm, St Vince is an Orange Booker……

7 thoughts on “Umm, Polly, about this Orange Book thing…”

  1. Pogo, that’s claptrap. That’s like saying Toynbee has a real insight into Lib Dem politics, when her entire track record over the last 10 years or so is tat she as no clue at all.

  2. Typo – “that” not “tat”. Still remains Toynbee’s poor journalism is seen by some as insight….when clearly it is not!

  3. A collapse in manufacturing? Its changed that much since he took over then? I’ve been hearing too many stories of increased investment in manufacturing recently, must have missed the collapse.

  4. Bloody hell Polly is advocating building roads. Desperate times indeed if the Greenie twerps say there need to be more roads.

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