Vicky Price and the fury of a woman scorned

She could hardly have chosen a more damaging defence, could she?

The law concerning marital coercion is part of the 1925 Criminal Justice Act. Following a request from the media, Mr Justice Saunders agreed with the prosecution barrister, Oliver Glasgow, that the press should be permitted to report the basis of Miss Pryce’s intended defence.

Mr Glasgow said: “There is no secrecy the defence is marital coercion. I don’t see that there is any prejudice caused to the prospect of a fair trial [if] it is reported she entered a not guilty plea and intends to advance a defence of marital coercion at trial.”

A straight not guilty plea would be a statement that the points dodging didn\’t happen. A guilty one would be that it did but that she should be punished for it. This is \”it happened but he made me do it\” which is, as I say, the most damaging to Huhne of all of the possblie pleas.


8 thoughts on “Vicky Price and the fury of a woman scorned”

  1. I’m just thinking, please God don’t let Huhne go down while this odious woman is acquitted. They’re quite the perfect couple, each as ghastly as the other, and deserve to sink together.

  2. Anybody who can coerce the frightening Vicky Pryce into doing anything deserves some respect.
    Also Huhne is a land taxer and it is a pity to have broken the Cable-Huhne land tax axis in the Cabinet which was beginning to have an effect on the ever-impressionable (because empty-headed) Cameron.
    It must be a coincidence that Huhne and Cable have both been subject to stitch-ups. ( All the young couples of my acquaintance have swapped driving licence points) Given all the shit going down at the moment,its ridiculous that Huhne should be driven out of public life for something so trivial.

  3. the great redacto

    Vicky Pryce is a very smart woman, unlike the unfortunate creature Mr Huhne is currently shacked up with. She’s got him already: the defence of marital coercion, a roundabout way of saying they did it, means there is very little chance that his application to have the case dismissed will succeed since the courts will want, finally, to get to the bottom of it; his silks will spend days trying to destroy her in the witness box, though she is already in the public mind the wronged woman and it would be a bloody spectacle from which his reputation would never recover; or he can plead guilty at the last moment and finally be exposed as a liar and a big-time chancer who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. There is still every chance that he will go to jail and a slim chance that she won’t. Hooray! Yes, I am prejudiced, but that’s OK coz I don’t think I’ll be on the jury (and I certainly won’t be after this). After the trial, the Queen should give her an OBE for helping to clean up politics and she should be put her in charge of the Greek economy, although perhaps that really would be a cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. dbc reed Cable and Hunhe have not been stitched up, they both are blessed with arrogant stupidity. Huhne should not have been driven out by his points allocation but by driving families into fuel poverty for his insane energy policies. As for land tax every fool gets something right.

  5. I roared with laughter when I saw her defence in yesterday’s paper. The fun kicks off in October, I gather.

  6. dbcreed / Peter Whale:

    Exactly, green taxes are far more damaging than the good a mansion tax would do (and none of them would apply to Huhne himself obviously)

  7. dbc reed: it’s not clear if you refer to the Cable’s laughable ‘Mansion Tax’ or the far older but equally absurd Land Value Tax. Neither could ever work; neither will ever be introduced.

    A stitch up? No need. Both men are arrogant, incompetent, egregious idiots who have no place in public life and in a properly run country wouldn’t make it onto a County Council. They were the authors of their own misfortune, and in Huhne’s case I devoutly hope the forthcoming trial (which should be a hoot) permanently destroys his political career, as well as spraying media mud over some of his gormless LD colleagues.

    And far from normalising the practice, ‘All the young couples of my acquaintance have swapped driving licence points’ merely demonstrates the low ethical standards of your social circle. Or do the husbands coerce their wives…?

  8. @PD
    Not very matey is it criticsing your acquaintances for their ethical standards?
    If it were acceptable ,I would have had no friends at all , amongst my own baby boomer generation particualrly, since most of them have shoved as much money as possible into buying expensive houses and are now complaining though theirmortgage interest rates have been slashed .
    But this was before I saw the light and came to love House Price Inflation, Income Tax and the One Party Homeownerist State.I feel much better now and accept we musn’t tamper with political perfection.

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