Usain Bolt is launching the new Puma fragrance range.

I mean, yes, there are smells associated with athletes and athletics and sports, sure.

It\’s just that that combination of deep heat and old jockstraps is likely to have a fairly limited market I would have thought. Definitely a very specialist kink…..

5 thoughts on “What?”

  1. Usain Bolt finishes his races in less than twenty seconds. So he never builds up a sweat – by the time the heat generated inside his muscles by the expenditure of energy at an awesome rate has permeated to his skin under the laws of thermodynamics, he has already finished.
    “Deep Heat” is mostly used by middle-aged athletes who find that their muscles are suffering when asked to imitate their performance a dozen years earlier (I was well into my forties before anyone thought it was worth even telling me it existed).
    So Usain Bolt is probably the least bad choice for an athlete one could choose.

  2. If aftershaves launched by athletes smell of deep heat and old jockstraps, then perfumes launched by models must smell of fags and hairspray.

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