Why politics is such a shit way of doing things

Nick Clegg’s plans to replace the House of Lords with an elected senate could be watered down after the Conservative MPs expressed fury about Liberal Democrat attacks on embattled Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Maybe Lords reform should go ahead. Maybe it should be altered.

Maybe Hunt should be fired, be backed, be tickled to death.

But these are entirely different questions and the correct answer to either one of them should not influence what is the correct answer to the other. However, as can be seen, a temper tantrum over tribal loyalty seems to be influencing the basic structure of future governance.

A useful example of why politics is so shit as a method of doing things.

4 thoughts on “Why politics is such a shit way of doing things”

  1. Agree totally.

    The case also highlights how utterly useless Clegg is. People who aren’t Tories were outraged by the LD abstention, without which Berkshire would have been censured. But nor has it helped Clegg with people who are (Tory backbenchers would be saying exactly the same thing now if the LDs had had a conscience vote).


  2. Precisely what is the alternative to “politics”? Are you suggesting Chinese style communism or what? Or is is just another rant from a failed politician?

  3. Luke (#3), that we leave as little as possible to the politicians (because they cannot be trusted to take decisions in our best interest) and as much as possible to the markets, where at least we have a bit more choice and autonomy.

    It is the “as possible” bit that is interesting.

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