Yes, this is very helpful Ms. Moore

Economics is not a science; it\’s not even a social science. It is an antisocial theory. It assumes behaviour is rational. It cannot calculate for contradiction, culture, altruism, fear, greed, love or humanity at all.

So, it\’s all toss. And what are we to do?

It must be for me to understand it, for though I am not an economist, I know what I like. Some sort of stimulus, please. Fiscal will do nicely.

Ah, right, follow the nostrums of a long dead economist then.

12 thoughts on “Yes, this is very helpful Ms. Moore”

  1. @blokeinfrance

    A perfect 6 word summary.

    Couldn’t she go and get a real job, serving hot coffee somewhere? (not too hot mind, just the right temperature mandated by ‘elf and sayftee)

  2. One of the most outrageous cases of blaming the messenger I’ve come across in 60+ years. Ms Moore has all the intellectual ability of a wilful child determined to run across a 6-lane highway to get to the sweet shop.

  3. This is fairly typical. Murphy does it too (in spades). Not merely content to admit ignorance, these people revel in it, parade it. “Look at me: aren’t I iconoclastic and transgressive, rejecting the dogma of those old fossils (whose work I don’t understand)?” No, you’re not. You’re a fucking idiot, and would do better to shut your piehole.

  4. “It cannot calculate for contradiction, culture, altruism, fear, greed, love or humanity at all.”

    But central planning can?

  5. Fallacy of composition. She confuses a particular branch of economics with economics itself.

  6. Only non-economists properly explain that money is not real1 and what was traded during the boom years were not real things2, not even real futures, but guesstimates of futures bundled into some bizarre equation where no one at the top could lose3.

    1. Economist explain this all the time. Otherwise inflation would be impossible. The only problem is the anti-fiat currency nutters who think that going back to the gold standard would solve all our problems and not introduce any of the problems that mean that everybody, even the Swiss, are off the gold standard.

    2. Right. No economist has ever explained CDOs. I don’t believe her.

    3. Just as an example, Fred Godwin seems to have comprehensively lost out – job, knighthood, most of his pension. On a wider scale, Lehman Brothers is no longer with us.

  7. The problem for Ms Moore is that the bastard neoliberal wing of economics actually does get things right rather often. Sure, they can’t predict the numbers very accurately, but then no-one at the Guardian would say that climate science isn’t “settled” despite the fact that it only just tipped into being “statistically significant” last year, and wasn’t the previous year.

    Most of these people are basically religious in their views. They’re like people that try to still claim that the Shroud of Turin is genuine, despite the fact that even before radio carbon dating, it was thought to be dated later. And you’ll never find an archaeologist that makes the claim, just Christian writers.

  8. omg…she has read the murphmeister and believes!

    He has become a cult.

    Someone please wake me up and assure me that this is a dream.

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